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Leveraging Technology to Effectively Manage Investor Relationships— and Prepare Them for New Market Opportunities

We are in the midst of significant change across the commercial real estate industry due to recent market shifts. Alongside this change comes an increased need for establishing strong investor relationships built on trust and transparency. But sometimes developing and maintaining stable relations can be challenging – especially as digital communications become the norm.

Now, more than ever before, sponsors must learn how to keep investors engaged and abreast of new market opportunities even without interacting face-to-face. By leveraging technology, firms can access the insights needed to identify new opportunities, creating the transparency that investors expect and prepping them for changes in the market.

You will learn:

  • How investor management technology can be used to build trust and address evolving investor expectations
  • Ways data and technology can be used to prepare for, acknowledge, overcome, and leverage market shifts
  • How top firms are applying data and technology to identify, assess, and manage new market opportunities

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Ron Rossi

VP, Customer Success

RealPage IMS

Troy Merkel

Partner, Real Estate


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