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Your investors expect institutional level security with their personal and investment information, especially as they see large data breaches by top tier companies such as Target, Home Depot, and LinkedIn hit the news.

The traditional way of collecting and distributing investment information, including operating agreements, investor statements, tax documents, etc. has been through email, postal mail, or an Internet file sharing tool like Dropbox.

Email is extremely insecure. When messages are sent through the Internet, they are often unencrypted. Also, there has been a rash of issues with email inboxes being compromised from major email providers like Yahoo which leaked account information for 1 billion users. Postal mail is slow, insecure, and fraught with human error of sorting, collating, and stuffing envelopes. File sharing sites use a robust security model but can only be used for document sharing and require users to remember yet another login and password.

The IMS Platform has been architected to prevent security breaches by using banking and military level encryption, hosted in the largest and most advanced cloud hosting platform, and out cloud operations team ensures we are proactive in addressing potential security issues.

Security Highlights:

  • All information is encrypted during transfer using 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and storage using AES 256-bit which is the the same encryption technology as banks and the military.
  • Dedicated operations team to monitor security of the platform and ensure all security patches, virus protection, and malware is up to date. Any suspected security issues are immediately triaged to investigate and rule out any breaches.
  • Hosted in Amazon Web Services. The largest cloud infrastructure provided and used by other financial services companies such as Capital One, Pacific Life, Intuit, and The Carlyle Group.

In addition to data security, IMS has a robust data consistency policy to protect your data in the unlikely case of any system data issues.

Backup and Data Consistency Highlights:

  • Real time backups (every second of every day) which are stored for 30 days.
  • Additionally, we perform hourly backups which are stored for 30 days and daily backups which are stored for 1 year.
  • All backups are fully encrypted.

Our cloud operations team constantly monitors our system using industry leading software solutions to ensure both security and consistency of your data.

Moving your investor management and relationships online is the right decision to deliver the experience that investors expect today. It is imperative to choose the right partner to ensure your data is secure and available. 

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“Once we onboarded into the cloud, it was amazing because we were able to feel very comfortable and sleep well at night, knowing that all of the data was secure and accurate.”

Morgan Emmett - Principal - Emmett Ochs Investments

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