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Calculating accurate distributions for your equity investors is a necessary activity for your private equity real estate firm but complex waterfalls in fragile Excel spreadsheets takes time and resources away from higher value work. Additionally, as you continue to make acquisitions and grow your business the scale of calculating distributions across each project will continue to weigh down your team.

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Streamline Waterfall Distribution Calculations The IMS Platform streamlines distribution calculations for all scenarios. The waterfall functionality takes an accurate representation of your organization structure, including all classes, and calculates distributions with the click of a button. You can configure the approval workflow for the distributions to ensure all stakeholders have the opportunity to review prior to the distribution being finalized. Once approved, you can directly download the NACHA file to upload to your bank for effortless distributions and download a distribution summary file for input into your accounting system. Additionally, all approved distributions are immediately available in the Investor Dashboard and your investors will be notified via email of new distributions.

The IMS Platform turns distribution processing from a resource intensive, error-prone task to an easy and accurate activity that minimizes your effort and improves your investor relationships.

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“Prior to IMS, I was doing everything by hand. Now that we are using the IMS Platform for waterfalls, I simply type in how much I want to distribute, click a button, and it’s pretty much done.”

Emilee Meyers - Director of Finance and Operations - Barratt Asset Management

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