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Streamlining Capital Raises with IMS

When the clock starts on a new acquisition, you need a solution that expedites, simplifies, and streamlines the capital raise process so you can pull all the pieces together and close as quickly as possible. The IMS Platform dramatically reduces the time and effort required for you to raise equity including marketing the investment opportunity to your investors, distribution of deal documents, electronic signature of documents, and receiving funds.

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The IMS Platform first enables you to create a compelling deal page with the important information on the platform, including pictures and maps, investment criteria, performance expectations, funding progress, and a deal room for documents. Each investment opportunity can be either publicly available to all of your investors or private and restricted to only select investors.

The IMS Platform helps you identify the investors that are the best fit for a particular project. You can use the CRM to search and categorize based on investment size, region, asset type, and any custom tags. You can easily rank based on total relationship value.

Once you have identified your target investors, you can easily email them an invitation to explore and invest in the new deal. When investors are ready to invest in a new project, the investment wizard guides them seamlessly through the investment process including commitment, investing entity selection, accreditations, electronic signature of the deal documentation, and remittance instructions. Additionally, you can use the invite to invest feature to pre-fill in their information and send documentation for their direct signature.

The IMS Platform increases efficiency and speed in raising capital which will accelerate and derisk the closing. Once you have closed on the property, all investor and entity data is in the platform and ready to start running waterfall distributions. All investment information and documents are also instantly available in the investor portal.

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“IMS has become an integral part of our investor relationship building strategy. By providing our valued investors with the transparency and ease of communication that comes with 24/7 access to new deals, financial performance, and asset allocation, our team is able to focus its efforts on generating strong returns.”

John Lustgarten - Chief Investment Officer, Summit Equity Investments

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