March 2019 Release Roundup

Investor Statements – Append PDF

Sponsors will now have the added functionally to include additional PDF documents to their Investor Statements. This release includes the ability to add PDFs to both the beginning and end of the statement, and to arrange the order of those PDFs. This is an ideal way to add supporting documents such as property reports, updates, etc. without the need to distribute separately.  Users can also add a custom cover page to give that personalized touch.

The appended PDFs may be edited and rearranged following the initial creation of the statement.

Custom Metrics

Sponsors have the ability to now add custom free-form metrics to the Investor Dashboard and Investor Statements. In their Dashboard settings the Sponsor can add metric names and descriptions. They can then enable the display of these metrics to individual investors by completing the field at the project level. These fields will only display on the Investor Dashboard or Statement if the data has been populated, so therefore Investors who these metrics do not apply to would not have a blank field displayed. This is an ideal way to show attributes and performance metrics around your project that are not available within IMS.

Sponsors may name the custom metric whatever they like, provided the name does not already exactly match an existing metric.  Users can elect to input individual values, or simply “copy” the metric to all investors. Please note this is not intended as a means for displaying large comments.


Customize Investor Dashboard

Sponsors are now able to exercise more control over the dashboard tab on the Investor Dashboard. They will have the ability to enable/disable the Investment Graph, and the fields for ‘Returns to Date’, ‘Total Investment Amount’, and ‘Total Investments’.

Additionally, Sponsors may now rename the ‘Returns to Date’ and ‘Total Investment Amount’ fields to the text of their choice.

Prorata by Unpaid Preferred Return

This release also includes the new ability to calculate Prorata by Unpaid Preferred Return as an additional option alongside Prorata by Ownership when creating Distribution rules. This requested capability is desirable for projects that do not pay pref current and have investors coming in at different times to ensure available pref is allocated based on accrual vs. ownership.

Additional Items

  • Various text changes and usability enhancements


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