June 2017 Release

All Profiles In Contacts Tab

The Contact and Investor tabs have merged. You will now access all of your profiles within the Contacts module.


Direct Investments

The Contacts tab now includes a column called “Direct Investments” that references all investments that an individual or entity has directly invested in. Relationship value will include any investments within all associated profiles.


Profile filter

The Contacts tab now includes a filter option that allows you to filter by: all, individual, entity, joint account, self directed IRA, and/or trust.


Bank Accounts Tab

The Bank Accounts tab has moved to the Contacts module. You can now manage individual and entity profile bank accounts in this location.


Entity Tags

Entities can now capture tags, general information, and social media.


Contacts Export

The export feature on the Contacts page includes more fields, including all entity information, external IDs, and tags.


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