Send Targeted Emails Strategically

Email Segmentation

Wish you could send targeted emails to certain investors within IMS? Now you can with Email Segmentation! Easily create groups within the CRM and start sending relevant and valuable communications to select investors at scale!

 Email Segmentation is a feature that Sponsors can use to send highly targeted emails to investors or prospect groups by dividing contacts into smaller groups, or “segments." Within the CRM, create segments of individuals based on set criteria that you choose.


This tool is designed to create specificity within your CRM database. We recommend using this feature when communication is needed for a group of people within your contact list; reach an exclusive subset rather than creating a single message for the masses.

Segments can be created in this tool by selecting any individual or combination of the following criteria:

Project Association

Investment Amount (total)

Investment Amount (average)

Investment Date

Investment Status

Once you are happy with the user segment, select ‘save’ or ‘save & create campaign’ to begin an email campaign. Utilize User Segments for email campaigns as a marketing tool for new offerings, project check-ins and updates, or to continue building relationships with certain investor subgroups in your CRM.




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