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Create and Deliver Tailored Statements

IMS allows you to create templates and investor statements unique to each investor. Add images, investment details, tables, text areas, and more to these custom statements. This feature also includes the ability to publish and message to your investor base to notify them of the newly available statement.

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  • Create custom templates in addition to default templates provided
  • Customize layout, colors, images, header and footer info, and disclaimer
  • Add fields such as images, investment summary details, line and page breaks, tables, and text areas
  • Preview statement templates
  • Choose statement template, date range, project(s), and investor(s) to include in each statement
  • Preview, delete, download as PDF, refresh all documents, publish to investors, and the ability to include a custom message to notify investors of the new document(s)

Don‘t take our word for it. Hear it from our customers. Learn what it is really like to be an IMS customer.

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“It’s so easy to notify and publish [statements] for investors, or I can print a copy of it for going to an investor meeting. It looks really nice, clean, and simple. I was really happy with that.”

Brandi Karamali - Investor Relations - Silverado Interests

“[Without IMS,] we would not have been able to grow as a company like we have. Without a database, we would have been stuck in such slow processes and unable to expand to a larger pool of investors.”

Jennifer Warder - Director of Operations - SPI Advisory

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