Investor Management Software
Definitions and Best Practices

Technology is changing the way that commercial real estate sponsors and investors engage, communicate, and otherwise conduct every aspect of their business. These solutions are disrupting the industry and reshaping the world of commercial real estate as we know it. And in today's fast-paced environment, using investor management software can have a major impact on the success of your commercial real estate firm.

What: Defining Investor Management Software

Investor management software” is technology that enables commercial real estate firms to better engage and grow their investor base by providing an enhanced investor experience, as well as by improving sponsor operations.

For the sponsor: Use investor management software to modernize time-consuming and outdated back office and investor management functions with full lifecycle support so that you can focus on finding deals and maximizing individual asset performance.

For the investor: Keep up with investors’ evolving expectations for how they receive and interpret information with a solution that builds trust and transparency 24/7 while streamlining equity raises.

Why: Benefits of Investor Management Software

While historically the real estate industry has been slow to adapt to and embrace new innovations, the potential to perform tasks more efficiently and effectively, add value for clients, and boost revenue for the firm has piqued the interest of an increasing number of CRE sponsors. Perhaps more importantly, investor management s­­oftware can remove or relieve some of the most common pain points CRE firms experience.

Benefits of investor management software for the sponsor:

  • Higher quality data and more valuable portfolio insights
  • Faster equity raises and shorter deal transaction cycles
  • Improved asset performance and decision-making
  • Increased efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity
  • Decreased investor support time
  • Boosted ability to gain a competitive edge with the capacity to quickly and easily scale

Benefits of investor management software for the investor:

  • Enhanced portfolio visibility
  • Increased accessibility
  • Improved transparency
  • Improved investor experience
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Investor management software can remove some of the most common pain points CRE firms experience

When: Signs You Need Investor Management Software

Recent studies show that there is a gap forming between those CRE firms that embrace technology and those slower to innovate. Failure to invest in the right software solutions can hinder firm productivity, effective asset management, and informed decision-making. If you can relate to one or more of these indicators, you should consider acquiring investor management software for your firm.


Your calculations have errors A majority of commercial real estate firms today still use spreadsheets to manage their portfolios, clients, and distributions, representing over $12 trillion in assets. But when 9 out of 10 spreadsheets contain at least one error, a single typo or case of ‘fat fingers’ could have very costly repercussions. The problem is that spreadsheets will always give you a result, but that in no way ensures accuracy. Investor management software automates formulas and calculations, eliminating the most common risks associated with spreadsheets. Built-in workflows are easily auditable, and templating ensures compliance with standardized guidelines.

You spend a significant amount of time on manual processes

Almost 80% of commercial real estate firms use disconnected systems and manual methods to manage their investors and their assets. Examples of these tasks include sending paperwork via snail mail, answering phone calls, manually updating contact and bank information, and responding to one-off emails for every investor. But over 50% acknowledge that these processes and workflows can be significantly or completely automated, freeing up both time and budget that could be focused on more value-add activities.

Investor management software enables CRE firms to automate frequent but tedious processes, which can save days, weeks, or even months of time per year. For example, with investor management software, firms can send communications at scale rather than individually, investors can update their own contact and bank information, and relevant documents can be accessed digitally rather than via snail mail.

You have no or limited insight into investor activities

Economic conditions are positive, and 40% of investors intend to spend more this year than the year prior. But when new opportunities arise, do you know which clients would be the most likely to invest or are the best-fit based on criteria such as investment size, region, and asset type? When you have secured investors, do you know their status in terms of receiving and signing deal documents?

Investor management software provides CRE firms with the insights needed to quickly identify best-fit investors, accelerate the investor acquisition process, and raise equity faster.


You struggle with asset optimization

Many commercial real estate companies struggle with portfolio management and optimization. They don’t have a clear understanding of historical performance and how to improve in the future, they can’t identify performance trends in the portfolio, and they struggle to figure out next steps.

Investor management software provides CRE firms with actionable insights to track trends, identify opportunities in the portfolio, and improve the performance of properties. Failure to leverage predictive analytics means you could be falling behind the competition, as well as losing money.

80% of CRE firms use manual methods to manage their investors and their assets

How: Building a Best-In-Class CRE Tech Stack

A tech stack is simply the group of technology applications that a commercial real estate firm uses to operate their business and manage their core functions. In CRE, the tech stack has quickly evolved over the past few years as more technologies hit the market and tech adoption rates by firms continue to increase. But a carefully-selected and well-integrated tech stack can help to amplify the efficiencies of investor management software and drive additional value for the CRE firm.

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