Investor Dashboards & Reporting
Definitions and Best Practices

Having access to relevant data and being able to transform that data into actionable insights is critical in the fast-paced world of commercial real estate. This visibility empowers both sponsors and investors to make data-driven decisions about their investments and optimize the performance of their assets.

What is CRE Data?

In the world of commercial real estate, every activity involves data – spreadsheets with hundreds and even thousands of lines of information. But with the increased volume and velocity of data, CRE firms are challenged to make sense of it all. Unsurprisingly, the CRE industry lags behind most other industries with regards to adoption of data and analytics. But the commercial real estate space has seen a digital transformation in recent years, and the power of data and analytics can no longer be ignored. Leveraging data and analytics, such as with investor dashboards and reporting, can have a massive impact on how sponsors and investors make decisions.

Where Data Meets Technology

Data is meaningless without having a way to capture it and transform it into actionable insights. And scattered information, siloed data, and limited visibility – problems that plague many CRE firms – significantly diminish the usefulness of data.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to be data-driven without having the technology in place to collect trusted, accurate, and meaningful data.  The right technology solution will combine predictive and automated capabilities to permit data-driven efficiencies. An investor management solution, such as IMS, empowers investors with investor dashboards and reporting, offering them valuable insights into the performance of their assets and the info needed to make informed decisions about optimizing their portfolio.

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Leveraging investor dashboards and reporting can have a massive impact on how sponsors and investors make decisions

Why Investor Dashboards & Reporting are Important

In a recent study, 66% of CRE executives reported a gain in competitive advantage attributable to data and analytics. And the 21st-century CRE investor expects a software solution that can keep up with their demands and expectations. Below are just a few of the reasons that investor dashboards and reporting are important today.

Create a Better Investor Experience

Investors are core to your commercial real estate business, and the industry has started to shift from a demand perspective. Investors want more information (including info about deal flow, deal interaction, and deal progress), more transparency, more availability, and more responsiveness. Investor dashboards and reporting enable you to exceed your investors’ expectations while saving yourself time and resources.

Meet the Increasing Demand for Data

The commercial real estate industry has always had a lot of data available, but it’s been very fractured in the past. Today the CRE industry is more driven by data and analytics than ever before, but it’s not just about having more data. It’s about being able to interpret and understand complex data and then to use those insights to make educated decisions.

Provide Transparency & Accessibility

Investors want to be able to quickly and easily see how much they have invested and how much they have made. They demand 24/7, everywhere access to information such as the positions of their investments, performance metrics, ownership percentages, distribution history, and key investment documents. Investor dashboards provide that quick snapshot with the handful of data points investors need. Investor management software also offers the real-time reporting and demonstrates the data management and integrity that investors are looking for. Ultimately, this open exchange of information, enabled by investor dashboards and reporting, facilitates a smoother transactional process.

The Benefits of Real Estate Waterfall Technology

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Data-driven insights can vastly improve decision-making abilities across a variety of industries, including commercial real estate. But being able to leverage these insights means that you need the ability to capture the right data, the tooling to process and analyze that information, a strategy for how you will use those insights, and the power to execute on those decisions. With investor dashboards and reporting, you have the ability and confidence to make educated and informed decisions that enable you to act more strategically while minimizing your risk.

Optimize Asset Performance

CRE investors want to get the best performance they can from their portfolios. With investor dashboards and reporting:

  • Pinpoint what you need to do in order to optimize the performance of your properties.
  • Glean clear insights about historical performance and what went right or wrong in the past
  • Identify trends and key learnings that guide next steps to improve asset performance in the future

66% of CRE executives reported a gain in competitive advantage due to data and analytics

Why You Can't Wait on Investor Dashboards and Reporting

Over 50% of CRE firms already use data and analytics to shape their decision-making. There is already a gap between those commercial real estate firms that embrace technology such as investor dashboards and reporting and those firms that are slower to innovate, and it’s only getting wider. That means that if you aren’t leveraging analytics, you could be falling behind. Failure to invest in the right technology solutions and analytics can hinder firm efficiency, effective asset management and optimization, and educated decision-making.

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