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The IMS Platform is the leader in the investment management software space and the first technology designed for private equity real estate firms who manage outside investors and want to out-maneuver the market. Our cloud-based investor and investment management solution enables real estate investment firms to effectively manage investors and assets and drive back-office efficiencies. These capabilities allow sponsors to focus more time on value-add activities such as finding deals and maximizing individual asset performance. Technology disruption in commercial real estate is allowing successful firms to rethink the way they run their business. Make the journey from antiquated processes to modernized, future-proof software with the IMS Platform.

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Investor Portal and Dashboards

Accelerate capital raises with an online deal room, including digital deal documents, electronic signature automation, and historical performance records. Learn More

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage investor relationships at scale with a CRM tailor made for the CRE industry. Learn More

Distribution Waterfall

Automate your workflows and while eliminating Excel-based risk and reducing manual processes. Learn More

Document Management

Securely and easily share documents with your investors and your internal employees such as investment documents, K-1s, statements, and other reporting via the Investor Dashboard. Learn More

Investor Statements

Sponsors can provide investors with transparency and access via statements that are customizable at scale onto an investor dashboard that is available on-demand, 24/7. Learn More

Commitments and Capital Calls

Gauge interest before purchasing new assets or entering new marketplace by requesting and organizing commitments from investors. When ready to move forward, systematically call capital for the project based on prior commitments. Learn More

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