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Securely & Easily Share Documents With Your Investors

The IMS Platform includes a document management system, effectively a built in deal room, making it secure and easy for you to share documents with your investors and your internal employees. Documents are available to investors as part of the investor dashboard. It is easy to share documents with one investor, for example, their K-1s, and multiple investors, for example project specific data.

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  • Internet based document management system for providing project and investor specific documents.
  • Documents available to investors in their investor portal. No additional logins and passwords to remember.
  • Investors can be notified via email when new documents are available.
  • Documents can be distributed to an investor, at a project level, or restricted to only your firm’s selected employees.  
  • Automated K-1 upload tool will parse and distribute K-1 forms to the appropriate investors. No more manual, error-prone, envelope stuffing or unsecured, hard to manage emails.
  • Secure storage infrastructure uses the same technology as banks and the military.
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“[Without IMS,] we would not have been able to grow as a company like we have. Without a database, we would have been stuck in such slow processes and unable to expand to a larger pool of investors.”

Jennifer Warder - Director of Operations - SPI Advisory

“IMS has become an integral part of our investor relationship building strategy. By providing our valued investors with the transparency and ease of communication that comes with 24/7 access to new deals, financial performance, and asset allocation, our team is able to focus its efforts on generating strong returns.”

John Lustgarten - Chief Investment Officer - Summit Equity Investments

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