Distribution Waterfalls

Reduce Time to Calculate Distributions

Designed for efficiency and repeatable accuracy, IMS automates your workflows and allows you to keep your investment data in a single view. Eliminate Excel-based risk and time-consuming manual processes with the only platform built to calculate waterfalls and process distributions in minutes.

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Track Distributions Efficiently

IMS automates your workflows and allows you to keep your investment data in a single view with visual structures that are easy to digest.

Maintain Control Over Distributions

The IMS Waterfall Audit will help troubleshoot discrepancies and can be used to compare with your old spreadsheets.

Modernize Your Workflow

IMS has the only fully-integrated solution that enables Sponsors to save time and stop using Excel and other manual processes.

Customize for Your Unique Business

The calculator allows you to enter all associated rules from an Operating Agreement and will reference historical investment and distribution data.

Waterfall Scenerios
  • Preferred Return
  • Pro Rata
  • IRR
  • Splits
  • Splits With Hurdles
  • Equity Multiples 
  • Withholding Fees
  • Return of Capital

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“Prior to IMS, I was doing everything by hand. Now that we are using the IMS Platform for waterfalls, I simply type in how much I want to distribute, click a button, and it’s pretty much done.”

Emilee Meyers - Director of Finance & Operations - Barratt Asset Management

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