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Managing the Investment Lifecycle: How to Leverage Data & Insights to Maximize Returns

Technology is driving change and opportunity across the commercial real estate and alternative investment markets. With that digital disruption comes a newfound surplus of data. The industry recognizes the need for data to drive faster, smarter decision making, but the challenge lies in making that data useful and being able to harvest and harness data from disparate systems and sources across every stage of the investment, portfolio, and asset lifecycle. This functionality enables transparency and visibility into performance and can improve risk assessment and maximize returns for stakeholders, particularly as the market shifts.

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Our discussion highlights how to

  • Harvest, harness, and leverage data to make faster, smarter decisions
  • Model and monitor asset performance, identify and manage risk, and protect returns
  • Identify, assess, and manage new market opportunities
  • Handle market cycle shifts and drive profitable growth for the firm

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