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Where Are We in the CRE Cycle?

As much as we would like it to, the commercial real estate market won’t always go up. The CRE market is cyclical, but where exactly are we in the cycle? How will it affect different locations and asset classes? And what does that mean for CRE owners and investors?

Our panel discussion with RealCrowd and RSM focuses the state of the CRE industry and how to leverage technology to best position your firm to deliver with trust and transparency.

Our discussion highlights:

  • Where we are in the cycle and what leading indicators we should be paying attention to
  • How different asset classes and markets are being affected
  • The perspective of the debt market
  • How to leverage technology to best position your firm

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Ron Rossi

Vice President, Customer Success

RealPage, AIM

Laura Dietzel

Senior Manager


James Eng

Senior Director

Old Capital

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