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The Future of CRE Investing: Blockchain, Opportunity Zones, and Investor Transparency

There are several key emerging trends in the world of commercial real estate that are changing how CRE professionals do business. Blockchain is revolutionizing CRE transactions. Opportunity zone funds are presenting new, tax-incentivized options for investors. And being able to provide investor transparency is now equally as critical as building trust. It’s important to understand these evolving challenges so that both owners and investors can take advantage of new and emerging opportunities.

Our panel discussion with RealCrowd and RSM focuses on best practices and opportunities as they relate to blockchain, opportunity zones, and increasing investor transparency.

Our discussion highlights:

  • Benefits and potential pitfalls of blockchain technology
  • What Opportunity Zones mean for investors and how to leverage this investment opportunity
  • Best practices for providing investor transparency
  • How to leverage technology in overcoming challenges in the CRE market

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Ron Rossi

Vice President, Customer Success

RealPage AIM

Adam Hooper



Troy Merkel



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