September 2017 Release

Email Tracking

You can now view and store emails sent from your native email client (Outlook/Gmail) within IMS. This feature will also capture any attachments.

There is a new preference under Account Information where you will be provided a unique email address that you can add to the BCC line of any email and IMS will capture and store the information under the new Communication tab where we match one or more of your contacts.  The email will be stored as text and any attachments will be captured.

*Email Integration supports handling total email size including attachments of less than 15MB.

Please click here for a detailed tutorial on how to set up this email contact in your native email client.

*Note: You must set this up to import emails sent from outside of IMS.

You will also note the preference to Automatically add BCC address to mailto links in IMS.  With this functionality, you can simply click on an email address hyperlink within IMS to launch your native email client with the BCC address pre-populated for clients using Outlook and Gmail. 

Communication Tab

The Notes tab in our CRM has been re-branded as Communication and will now display emails sent from your native email client, IMS Bulk Email, as well as all communication activities. You will notice that the look and feel of this section has improved.

*You can now add attachments to manually entered notes (brochures, marketing materials, etc.)

Move Investments

You can now move an investment and associated distributions/documents to another Investor Profile (i.e. if you set an investment as Joe Smith’s but it belonged to Joe Smith Trust all along). This feature should be used to correct an incorrect investment association, not to transfer an investment. When an investment is transferred, it will only allocate distributions to the new owner after a set transfer date. Move Investments will move the investment to the new owner as if it was the original owner and is designed to correct mistakes from day one.

CRM Export

The CRM Export now includes bank account details:

Various visual enhancements and bug fixes are also included in this release.

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