November 2017 Release

Partial Transfers

This Enhancement to our current Transfer functionality will give our users the ability to transfer portions of an investment to multiple recipients. IMS will now handle transfers in dollars, shares, or percentage of Entity Ownership. The Transaction Preview has been enhanced to accommodate multiple Activity Log Descriptions. The Activity Log Description has been enhanced to include Amount to Transfer as well as percentage of Entity Ownership.

Waterfall Fee Enhancement

We have changed all places that say "Fee" to "Withholding/Fee" based on our customer feedback. We will now allow Sponsors to calculate Withholding/Fees to be based on the gross or net of a distribution.

Building on our Side Letter release of last month, we will now Support for Side Letters for Withholding/ Fees.

Merge Profiles

This Self-Service enhancement allows Sponsors to Merge contact profiles. This action will merge the documents, distributions, investments, and profile information associated with one profile into a “Master” profile they wish to keep.

Additional Items

- Additional Waterfall Rule – Add Catchup to Splits with Hurdles Template and Side Letter for this new rule
- Added Legal Name to Advanced Search
- Added Executive Name to Advanced Search
- Added External ID on Entities
- CRM performance enhancements
- Various text changes and usability enhancements

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