December 2017 Release

Bulk Email Enhancement

Our Bulk Email Enhancement allows our users to select from a Basic or Custom template to compose an Email. Our enhanced text editor and introduction of insertable contact merge fields will make it much easier to engage with your investors when sending Email correspondence. You will be able to insert a featured image and link Investors directly to their Investor Dashboard.

There are some additional settings to configure for your Bulk Emails out of the platform. See documentation on these settings here.

An enhanced module will allow you to choose a Basic or Custom email template. The Basic template has a message section (which will include the header, footer, disclaimer that you have set up), while the Custom template has a featured image, top call to action, message, and bottom call to action options.

There are additional email fields for the From Name, From Email Address, Subject, Message, etc. Use the Insert Tag feature to add a tag in your email. You can also edit the signature and add up to 3 attachments. Note the Preview and Save as Draft options at the top right.

Modify the recipients who will receive the email.

All drafts are stored under CRM>Email and under the Drafts tab.

Additional Items

- DocuSign: Add Additional Variables for Joint Accounts, Self-Directed IRAs, and Trusts
- Add "Corporation" to the Entity Types list in the CRM & Manage Profiles on Investor Side
- Added External IDs on Assets
- Various text changes and usability enhancements

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