October 2017 Release

Waterfall/Equity Tab

Side Letters: The IMS Waterfall templates now can accommodate side letters in waterfall rules. An orange icon will appear noting a side letter on the waterfall index page as well as in a distribution batch.

Waterfall Audit Enhancements:

Project Summary Tab: This is a new page on the waterfall audit. It provides rollup distribution data at the entity and class level. It also provides aggregate IRR and equity multiple calculations.

Calculations Verifications Tab: This page now includes a compounding unit.

Cash Flow Tab: This page is now broken out by class when there are multiple classes.


Persistent Search: When you use the advanced search feature and click on a contact’s profile, you now have the ability to modify your advanced search and see an updated contact list on the left column.

Search by Contact Role: Use advanced search to search by Role, which will allow you to filter investors from prospects.

Investments Tab: Ownership percentage is now displayed in the CRM Investments tab.

Enhanced Entity Export: We have enhanced this export based on client feedback. We added all external client IDs and three years of distribution data. Tax addresses tagged in CRM are included in the export.

Bookmarking: CRM contacts and the tabs within a contact’s profile can now be easily bookmarked on your browser, this will give you a quick shortcut to your most viewed contacts and tabs.


Various visual enhancements and bug fixes are also included in this release.

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