May 2018 Release

Import Data

Our May 2018 release includes the ability to import distribution batches. Here, you can download an Excel template to add all distribution criteria for one or more projects at a time. After entering your distribution details in the Excel template provided, simply upload the file for review prior to making the information available on the Investor Dashboard. Please see our Help Center for a tutorial guide.

The Pending and Archived tabs can be used to manage both your data uploads and distributions that have been created using waterfall rulesets.

Task Manager

Ability to add tasks, choose priority, associate tasks with contacts, assign a team member, choose a due date, add tags, and attach documents to tasks. These tasks can be utilized for managing projects within your team or for associating tasks with investors. Please see our Help Center for a tutorial guide.


Display Unpaid Preferred Returns and IRR Calculations

Now you can display Unpaid Preferred Returns and IRR on Admin and the Investor Dashboard.

As a prerequisite to show Unpaid Preferred Return, you will need to have a Class with a Preferred Return Rate and at least one Preferred Return Waterfall rule setup with the “Use this rule to drive Unpaid Preferred Return calculations” checked. Please note that the Investor Dashboard setting does not need to be turned on for you to see on the admin side.

In addition to the display, users can also download a preferred return schedule or cash flow schedule for each investor via the Class Details page. This will provide you a useful Excel output of system generated Preferred Returns and the Cash Flows used to derive IRR.

Preferred Return Logic Enhancement

A new platform preference was added to allow you to dictate whether to begin accruing pref on the Investment Date, or use a +1 date to begin the following day. The default logic will continue to refer to the Investment Date.

Batch Distribution Emails

Enable Batch Distribution Emails to send one email to the “warm body” investor containing an itemized list of all the marked distributions from the prior day. This use case is great if you are running multiple distributions or distributions for an investor with multiple entities and want to prevent investors receiving multiple emails.

Duplicate Email

The May 2018 release includes the ability to duplicate existing bulk emails within the CRM, including the ability to include attachments and recipients in the duplicated email.

Export Contacts to Mobile Device (via email link)

The May 2018 release gives users the ability to export a vCard to your mobile device. Just select the contacts you want to export, and you will receive an email. In addition to general contact info, the vCard will include a Note that includes the number of investments and amount that the investor has within your account.

Additional Items

- Ability to add documents and have them cascade to all investors in a project or entity
- Edit the class Type of Equity or Preferred Return after class has been created
- Investor Activity Log export includes new layout
- New Dashboard Preference giving the ability to disable the “Reporting period ending” on the Investor Dashboard

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