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The newest release features a brand-new improved navigation. The left-hand menu is now streamlined and located at the top of the page. We have reorganized some of the items to consolidate menus and provide a more intuitive location for several pages. You will notice that Investor Statements are now located within the Documents menu, and the Equity menu has been re-labeled Projects.

Within the Investor Settings, you will find several changes to streamline productivity. The Platform Preferences menu is now called Project Preferences. Platform Preferences was a very robust page, covering many settings. We have divided these items into individual pages to improve clarity on where to find specific settings. The new pages are titled Offering Preferences and Waterfall/Distributions and they house the settings that relate to those items.

Sign Up Configuration

As a part of our efforts to offer more flexibility and to allow Sponsors to collect better information from prospects, we are pleased to announce additional fields available for the Investor Account Registration to the Investor Portal. In the Investor Settings > Content menu, you will find a toggle for Investor Account Registration. When enabled, this will allow the Admin user to customize the page title, button text and make additional fields available, set as required or optional, for prospects creating accounts on the Investor Portal. These fields can also be arranged in a custom order on the account registration form. Additionally, Admin users will now have the ability to rename the Offerings tab on the Investor Portal. That option is available directly above the settings for the Investor Account Registration form.

Global Search

New global search functionality will allow you to quickly search for projects, entities, contacts, or assets anywhere throughout the application. You can find this option at any time, located in the top navigation bar, indicated by the magnifying glass icon. Simply click the icon to expand the search field and go!

Email Quick Link

In the top navigation bar, you will now find an envelope icon which allows access directly into the create email page. You can start from here as a quick jump into communicating with your Investors.

Additional Items

  • Various text changes and usability enhancements


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