March 6, 2018 Release

Dashboard Preferences

Many of our clients have been requesting additional ability to customize various pieces of the Investor facing Dashboard. We have been working to make the available metrics more user friendly and customizable for your individual business needs.

Our March 6, 2018 release will allow Sponsors the ability to display custom override names for each of the dashboard preferences at the account level. These changes then cascade down to the project and class level for each of your deals.

In the image below, the default display name for the first metric was “Amount Invested” but the Sponsor would like that to be named “Invested Capital.” This custom name will display on the Investor Dashboard.

In addition to the customizable name, all applicable metrics will have a hover over calculator icon to display the calculations for that metric.

Publish/Unpublish Projects

Sponsors have been asking for a setting to individually publish deals to the Investor Dashboard. This will allow our Sponsors to get up and running quickly with an active raise, while working to get historical deals on the platform.

Our March 6, 2018 release introduces the ability to Publish or Unpublish projects to the Investor Dashboard. With this update, the Sponsor can support the following scenarios:

  • Sponsor can create a project that is not published in the Investor Dashboard but viewable to the Admin team members.
  • Sponsor can publish an unpublished project (or vice versa) from the Project Summary header.
  • Sponsor can publish or unpublish projects from the Project Summary List view using a toggle.

Help Center

We've relaunched our Help Center with a feature-focused structure designed to provide Sponsors with solutions to common questions, instructional walkthrough videos, and information about the latest features. We’ll be adding even more to this valuable resource library over the coming months in an effort to meet the growing demand for self-servicing.

Access the new Help Center from anywhere within the admin portal from the top navigation or find common answers to questions about the feature you are viewing by using the red/pink Help widget located at the bottom left.

If you can’t find the solution you are looking for, be sure to submit a ticket with our support department from either the Help widget or the Help Center for an expedited response from our team of professionals.

Additional Items

- Advanced Search now includes "Last Visit Date"
- Ability to launch an email from the Profile Details page
- CRM export includes Country
- Ability to present both a Minimum and Maximum investment amount on an active campaign
- Various text changes and usability enhancements

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