July 2018 Release

Sensitive Data Export (SSN/Tax ID/Bank Info)

Our July 2018 release includes the ability to export sensitive data (SSN/Tax IDs/Bank Info) within CRM export functionality.

*Users will need to contact support@imscre.com to request to have this enabled on a user basis and should be reserved for trusted team members that need access to sensitive information.

A list of all data access exports will be housed in a Data Access Log. All documents contained here will be encrypted as they will be accessible by all Team Members. This log will detail what data was accessed, who accessed it, and when it was accessed.

Users can sign up to receive a notification whenever sensitive data has been downloaded from the platform. This provides an easy way to add an additional layer of security and monitor when teammates are pulling Tax ID's and Bank Account data.

Base Points

Batch import utility to allow sponsor to set preferred return and return of capital base points for individual investments within projects where historical breakout is not available and is impacting preferred return calculations.


Enhanced Transfer Functionality

Our transfer functionality now has an enhanced feature to Allow for the ability to display either original investment amount or net of any return of capital based on transfer types (transfer, syndication, sale) via a Platform Preference. Transfer functionality includes a distribution handling field to allow users to direct cash flow to the Transferee, Transferor, or Pro Rata based on the time an investment was owned between the start and end date of the distribution.

This option can be edited after creating the transfer while creating a distribution batch.


The distribution batch will also display a placeholder for the transferee or the transferor if the transfer occurred during that period. The Team Member has the option to make adjustments here.


Document Email Notifications

Ability to automatically send an email notification to investors when new documents have been added to the Investor Dashboard.


This email can be modified via the Portal Notifications.


Dashboard Preferences

Allow Sponsors to display the amount of shares and average share price to investors for Fund and CRE projects that use shares. Also, there is the ability to display Allocated Net Asset Value.


Additional Items

  • Ability to Bulk Delete Pending Distribution Batches from the Pending Tab in Import Data.
  • Ability to Delete Distribution Batches marked as Sent in the app for users with approval authority in Distribution Workflow.
  • Invited (Expired) status added in CRM to show investors that were invited but never accepted their invitation to facilitate follow up. This field can be searched on in Advanced Search under  “Status” on the Contacts page.
  • Display maps for underlying investments within Funds on Fund Details Page
  • Ability to send a Reset Investor Password notification to a contact on the Contacts page
  • Various text changes and usability enhancements


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