January 2018 Release

Share Communications for Connected Profiles

This highly requested new feature will allow Sponsors to connect additional profiles to Contacts and select an option to share communication with the linked profile.

Profiles set to receive communication will be CC’ed on email correspondences sent from the IMS Platform.

Sponsors will still be able to send private communication by selecting the option when composing an email.

Ability to filter email results by All, To, or CC’d.

Accepted Countersignatures in DocuSign

You can now add up to 3 Team Members for all offerings as a Platform Setting. Go to Account > Details page, under the Contact Info section.

You can also customize these signers on an offering level on the class preferences page.

Additional Items

- Investment Status has been added as a field to the Activity Log export on the Investor Dashboard

- The Waterfall Audit now includes Period End Date on the Cash Flows tab

- Various text changes and usability enhancements

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