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We've been hard at work gather feedback and improving our electronic document signing process and we are excited to announce that a brand new workflow is now available! Sponsors have full control over the entire document signing process, including creating reusable signing templates in app. Our intuitive electronic signing process will allow you to get signing documents created and signed faster than ever, allowing you to focus on your next capital raise!


IMS gives Sponsors the ability to securely send subscription and offering documents to investors through our eSignature feature. When investing in a new deal, eSignature documents allow investors and countersigners to sign documents online, from any device or location. With eSignatures, you do not need to print the document, fill it out, scan it and email/fax it back. You can do that whole process on your computer, tablet, or phone, without any paper.


Manage electronic signature creation and execution completely within the app

Maintain control over your document layout with drag-and-drop form fields 

Customize your signature with modern and easy to use signature creation options  

Never lose a document in the mail or wonder who else needs to sign it. Fully executed documents are securely uploaded to Admin and Investor Portals for quick and easy access. 


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