August 2019 Release Roundup

Investor Relations Support Contact

IMS is continually working to improve the investor experience and ensure investors have the resources and contact information they need. This feature allows Sponsors to update their Admin Settings to include internal Investor Relations contact details directly on the investor portal.

Choose how much information you’d like to display, whether that is full contact details or simply leave a phone number or email address.


Investor Dashboard Preferences – Annualized Cash on Cash YTD

Updates were made to the Annualized Cash on Cash YTD metric to account for years without transactions. Visit Investor Settings to display this metric directly on Investor Dashboards and Investor Statements.

Sponsor Task Notifications

Stay up to date with your tasks in IMS with enhanced Sponsor Notifications!

Admins with user permissions can now Approve or Reject Distributions directly from the notification menu. We have also enhanced task notifications to send an alert when a new task is assigned to you, when a task is due within 24 hours, when a task is overdue, and when unassigned tasks are overdue for your overall account.

Coming Soon to Sponsor Notifications
Sponsors will soon have the ability to send Distribution batches directly from the Notification menu following the approval of the batch.


NACHA Updates

We have made updates to the NACHA approval workflow to more closely match the workflow on the Projects tab.

To download a NACHA file:

  • The batch cannot be in ‘Draft’ status
  • Only users with approver permissions can set the batch to ‘Ready to Distribute’ and export the NACHA file from the Pending Tab
  • If the batch has been set to ‘Distributed’, any admin that has Import Data permissions enabled can export the NACHA file on the Archived Tab


Email Call to Action in Offering Emails 

Sponsors can now send a custom email with a call to action that links directly into a specific offering. Rather than sending investors to the overall Offerings page in Investor Portals, emails now link to a specific deal.  

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