August 2017 Release

CRM Updates

You can now add and store multiple phone numbers and addresses for all your Contacts and Entities within the CRM module.

The CRM Export has also been modified to include any additional phone numbers and addresses that you add.

Waterfall Rounding Options

Platform Preferences now include rounding options.  You can choose to round to the nearest penny or dollar, and then either reduce the total batch amount or distribute the remainder across your investors from largest to smallest.

Project Waterfall

Users can now create a Project level ruleset to run their Distributions on multi-tier structures at one time instead of running for each Entity.  Select the new Project Actions bar and Select “Add Project Waterfall”.

Establish the Entities you want to include and then assign the entity level rule sets and bank account(s) you want to use for NACHA files.

Once you run a Project Level Distribution Batch, you will be able to approve all of the associated entities in one workflow, and create a Project Level NACHA file if you are utilizing the same bank account for all entities in the Project.

Users can also view where money is being distributed in an org chart view by selecting View Full Distribution from the batch details.

Project Level Cap Table

Users can now see a Project level Cap Table, Waterfalls, and Project Level Distributions for multi-tier structures.  Just select the entity name in the existing Cap Table to jump to either Project Level or another Entity within your structure.

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