April 5, 2018 Release

Dashboard Preferences

Our April 2018 release includes new Dashboard Preferences included below:

  • Fund Details
    • Distributions
    • Expected Term
    • Fund Hold Period
    • Fund Image
    • Net Asset Value
    • Target Amount
  • Acquisition Price
  • Estimated Disposition Date (located on Asset Tab)
  • Property Value (from Home Page)


All details have the ability to be toggled on/off and includes an option to override the default naming conventions.


Funds now have an enhanced fund details page which includes fields for Target Amount, Expected Investment Term, Average Return, Investments Capitalized, Region, and more.

Portal Notifications

Sponsors now have the ability to view all generated notifications on portal events performed on the portal. These notifications include Confirm Investments, Distribution Investor Notification, Investor Invitation New User, and Password Reset.



Sponsors will also be able to edit the message text in these email notifications.


Platform Preferences

The ability to enable/disable payment method(s) that investors can receive distribution payments is included in this release. Here, a Sponsor can check/uncheck ACH, Check, and Wire Transfer to control the methods that investors can choose to receive distribution payments when updating their profiles.


Bulk Email

Rename Call To Action button text in bulk emails for additional customization.

Share Communication Settings

When choosing to share communication, you can now select specific types. Anyone with share communication selected prior to this release will default to Email correspondence.

Additional Items

- The full name, middle initial, and suffix are displayed on a private raise
- Various text changes and usability enhancements

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