Pricing Tiers

For new firms poised for growth


  • Up to 15 Projects OR Up to 75 Investors
  • Full Access to the IMS Platform
  • Customer Success Implementation Manager
  • Email Technical Support
  • Annual Phone Success Reviews
  • 24/7 Mobile and Desktop Access to the Investor Portal
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For established firms looking for technology to be an engine to accelerate your growth


  • Up to 100 Projects OR Up to 500 Investors
  • 1-800 and Email Support for Your Investors
  • Customer Success Implementation Manager
  • Relationship Manager
  • Quarterly Phone and Annual In-person Success Reviews
  • 24/7 Mobile and Desktop Access to the Investor Portal
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More Than 100 Projects or 500 Investors? Contact us for Custom Pricing


How is IMS priced?

The IMS Platform has three main pricing tiers and a custom enterprise tier to meet the needs of every commercial real estate investment firm. The tier and price is based on the size and complexity of your firm, typically reflected by the number of active deals or assets and number of active investors.

Pricing has two components, a software subscription fee and a professional services fee. Please contact our team for a pricing proposal for your business.

When and how am I billed for the software?

The software subscription fee is charged annually or monthly once you sign up for IMS. Based on your subscription, we will send you either a single annual invoice or monthly invoices, which can be setup through automatic credit card payments. Please contact sales for more information.

Is the professional services fee mandatory?

Yes. The professional services fee is for the effort required to obtain, prepare, validate, review, and load your data. It is a one time fee that is required.

How long does onboarding take?

Most customers are onboarded within 3-5 weeks after their data is submitted to IMS in the data template. Depending on scope of the onboarding, customers will have CRM, project information, investments, historical distributions, waterfalls, and any other features available.
If you use the IMS Platform for an equity raise, the platform and offering can be live to investors within 7 business days of data collection & document submission.

The customer success implementation manager will create a customized project workbook and plan based on the scope of your contract. These documents will be used to outline and track deliverables, responsible parties and timelines. More information on the onboarding process is available on our onboarding page.

Do I have to install software or maintain my own servers?

No, the IMS Platform is hosted in the cloud. You do not need any servers or IT resources to maintain. Our operations team handles all security processes and upgrades.

Do I have to pay for software upgrades or new versions?

Software upgrades are included in the software subscription price and, since the IMS Platform is hosted in the cloud, all upgrades are performed automatically. We generally release new software, including new features, on a monthly basis.

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