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To deliver the highest returns for your investors, and your firm, you must aggressively manage the performance of your properties. Getting the best NOI requires both access to data as well as the ability integrate and display disparate data sources in an actionable form.

Having access to detailed revenue and expense data at your fingertips, sourced from your accounting systems and the IMS Platform, will enable you to compare and optimize the performance of each of your properties. This will result in a higher NOI and thus both higher profits now and a higher value when you liquidate.

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What would being able to identify an opportunity to reduce the expenses on a given asset based on information from other properties do for your NOI? What would increasing occupancy a few percentage points do for your operating income? What are the best and worst performing projects in your portfolio - and why?

Imagine being able to visualize, and drill into specific data points on the effective gross income, total expenses, net operating income, and physical as well as economic occupancy in a web based, interactive dashboard anytime, and everywhere.

By pulling together data from accounting and the IMS Platform, you will get full visibility into revenue and expenses that you can use to better manage the performance of each of your properties. The IMS Platform Advanced Analytics integrates with the most common real estate accounting systems to provide a single, actionable view, of your entire portfolio. The data is available securely as an easy to use, interactive dashboard, available directly from the IMS Platform.  

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“Our firm had been on a two-year search for the right tech platform to support our 150+ list of investors without much success. What IMS has brought to the table is far and above any other platform we’ve seen in the market. Not only have our internal processes been simplified but our investors couldn’t be happier. I know first hand that the competition falls well short on all levels!”

Peter Slaugh - Managing Director, OpenPath Investments

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