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Investors are critical to your private equity real estate firm but supporting them takes significant time and resources. Answering phone calls and emails to resend K-1s, update contact and bank information, and respond to questions on distributions takes time away from your team that can be better spent on more valuable tasks.

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The IMS Platform’s investor dashboard provides an interactive investor portal that your investors can access anytime and anywhere - on computers, tablets, and smartphones. It will both reduce the time that you are spending on investor support as well as improve your  investors’ experience.

This dashboard provides information on each of the investor’s investments individually and every entity they invest with. All documents, such as statements and K-1s, can be easily accessed and downloaded. All historic distributions as well as configurable performance metrics can be accessed through the dashboard as well. Investors can update their own contact information, including bank account information, which is immediately available.

Additionally, investors can even commit and contribute to new project investments directly through their investor dashboard enabling you to raise equity for new projects more quickly.

Learn more about how the IMS Platform can both reduce the investor support resources required  from your team while improving the investor experience by scheduling a demo today.

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“The IMS platform has been a tremendous value-add for our business to help us better communicate with our investors and provide a valuable platform that allows us to manage our data. The tools and partnership with IMS has helped us streamline our syndication process and provide a tool that distinguishes us and improve our brand within our community of investors and partners and we look forward to our continued success.”

John Azar Executive Vice President | Managing Member, MACC Venture Partners, LLC

"I love IMS because it has freed up hours and hours of my time, we do monthly distributions and I could not imagine doing them without the software now. With that free time, it’s allowed me to step up as an executive of the company and spend my time meeting with new prospects and investors."

Amanda Gardner CFO, New Forum

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