We are IMS

Founded by Rob Finlay in collaboration with growth equity investor Summit Partners, Investor Management Services was created in response to an obvious void that was, and still is, causing economic leakage for commercial real estate private equity firms.

In 2000, Rob Finlay recognized the complications associated with defeasance contingencies in CMBS loans and successfully completed the first defeasance in the United States, then Canada. It was then that Commercial Defeasance established and led the industry; and continue to do so to this day.

15 years and thousands of transactions later, a very powerful and painful trend was identified with commercial real estate sponsors and owners – they were spending far more time than they wanted on non-core activities, such as distribution calculations, cash and document management, and investor communications.

Out of that identified need IMS was built to free up valuable time and resources for sponsors to focus on their core objective. Over time, not only have sponsors been able to reallocate thousands of hours to activities that drive value and enjoyment, but their investors have also been delighted by the personalized dashboard and document delivery system.

IMS now serves over 150 customers, over 20,000 investors, and over $10 Billion in equity. Contact us to learn more about how we can add value to your firm.